Smart Learning & Education Market


Smart learning & education has paved way to personalized e-learning tools. Smart learning in education isn’t a new trend, but educators have been at it for quite some time now. Learning management systems for corporate learning has contributed greatly to the market growth. Surprisingly, traditional learning was thrown out of gear amid Covid-19.

Children and adults with variety of learning needs showed proclivity, albeit to varying degrees, toward using smart learning platforms to stay on the course of learning. Solutions and services for online learning platforms proliferated in just few months, churning out incredible avenues for companies and institutes in the smart learning & education market.

Rapid adoption of new technologies that enable professors and student break away from traditional paradigm, such as smart projectors, are unlocking new opportunities for players in the smart learning & education market. Further, in economies where remote learning has emerged as a better option, such as in the Middle East, demands have soared. On the back of these factors, the smart learning and education market is expected to clock CAGR of ~24% during 2020-2030.

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