Social Bookmarking Sites 2022


You’ve probably heard of social bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit. These are examples of social networking bookmarking sites where users can share links to their favorite content from across the web.

You may also have heard how some people increase their standards through bookmarks. So what is a social bookmark in SEO?

How to Spam Using SEO Bookmarks

Sadly, the most popular and widely used way to use SEO bookmarks is very spam. The strategy is very simple, making as many social bookmarks for as many different booking sites as possible. That’s exactly right.

Theory behind you is that the bookmark is a link, and links help your site run higher. However, a single social bookmark has very little value in the eyes of search engines. The obvious solution is to move tons and tons of them.

Typically, developers of spam links will create a few web sites on sites like Blogger and Squidoo and link to them with hundreds of bookmarks. Usually, there are hundreds of article submissions involved and in this link-building process, each is also marked with a bookmark.

In the end, you have tons of cheap link-building links that will fit you for something.

I do not recommend using bookmarks



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