Solutions to problems in npk fertilizer production line

In the process of using NPK production line equipment, there may be a variety of problems. These problems are actually normal phenomena. We should solve the problem in time so as not to affect our work. So, how can we solve the common problems in the production of fertilizer equipment?

When using NPK production line equipment, if the motor overheats and the sound is abnormal, what should be done? This kind of problem usually occurs. We must first consider the following matters:
1. Poor lubrication or serious wear of rotary drum granulator bearing;
2. Poor contact or single-phase separation of switch circuit;
3. Is the voltage too low? If the sound of the pellet firearm is abnormal during the operation, the drum will be blocked by obstacles, or even not rotate, and the bottom box may vibrate.
The reason for the above phenomenon is usually caused by the objects in the fertilizer granulator, and then the granular material falls off, the machine bulges, and the equipment is worn out in severe cases. At this time, maintenance and troubleshooting must be carried out. In addition, the reducer of some organic fertilizer equipment overheated



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