Soundarya Central School – Montessori School in Bangalore


Soundarya Central School is one of the premier learning centers and Montessori schools in Bangalore. Soundarya is the best place for your child to begin his or her education. The Kindergarten is divided into two sections: Junior Kg and Senior Kg. The curriculum strives for the holistic development of the child-centered atmosphere where the kid feels happy, protected, and secure, and it responds to the demands of early childhood learning. The Kindergarten curriculum includes language through phonetics, fundamental arithmetic ideas, gross and fine motor skills exercises, physical fitness, social skills, emotional literacy, good habits, and values. Kannada is introduced in Senior Kindergarten. Weekly activities include freehand sketching, coloring, painting, and crafting. Stories, rhymes, songs, conversations and puppet shows are all aimed at equipping the child with a good vocabulary which is both qualitative and quantitative. Listening skills, speaking skills, and comprehension are enhanced through various activities.



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