Sterling Integrator


Sterling B2B Integrator is a dealing engine that helps you run the processes you represent and organize them according to your business needs.

B2Bi provides both EDI translation and managed file transfer (MFT) abilities. In this way, your business will get this way we get a comprehensive solution for a B2Bi gateway process.

Sterling Integrator is the medium that sustains high-volume electronic message exchange, complex routing, translation, and flexible interaction with multiple inner systems and exterior business partners. 

Traditional methods of conducting B2B dealings are no longer feasible. In today’s quick-paced and tricky business world, your partners and customers demand real-time transparency, security, and control.

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator software helps companies execute a smarter commerce strategy by the coexistence of virtually every part of the value chain. It helps you to enable and connect your systems to those of your business partners.

Based on your business requirements and configuration Sterling B2B Integrator uses Global Mailbox, a user interface to do the required administrator activities.


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