Stomach cancer treatment India


Stomach or gastric cancer occurs when some stomach cells grow out of control. Cancer usually starts in the inner stomach lining before penetrating deeper. Gastric cancer cases in India are lower than in many countries. Stomach cancer specialists in India diagnose cancer with tests like CT scans, MRI, or ultrasound. They may order upper endoscopy to take biopsy samples. 

Stomach cancer treatment in India follows the latest treatment protocols followed internationally. The treatment approach may depend on the stage of cancer. Treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, etc. The surgeon may need to perform minimally invasive surgery, subtotal or total gastrectomy, and esophagectomy.

Stomach cancer treatment in India follows a holistic approach with cancer screening, detection, a multidisciplinary treatment approach, and patient rehabilitation. Hospitals in India have the modern equipment to perform the latest cutting-edge treatment to cure stomach cancer. 

Stomach cancer treatment costs in India in India depend on factors like city, type of hospital, room selected, insurance coverage, stage of cancer, treatment approach, doctor fees, and patient’s age and general health. In general stomach cancer treatment cost in India ranges from Rs 2,10,000 to Rs 4,15,000.

The best stomach cancer hospital in India is Medanta- the Medicity, Gurgaon.


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