Story Between The Layers – An Integrative Guidebook on ACPs


Aludecor has launched the Technical Handbook on Aluminium Composite Panels recently, named the Story Between The Layers. The much-coveted Technical Handbook promises to fill the knowledge gap of the Indian.


ACP Industry and would undoubtedly be of considerable assistance to Facade Technicians and Fabricators. We at Aludecor have accumulated years of knowledge that has enabled us to provide the best comprehensive Handbook for Aluminium Composite Panels.


The reader will learn which sort of ACP Panel to pick based on the type of unique use cases described in the Handbook The Story Between The Layers. The Handbook has been enriched with information on the physical, chemical, and mechanical characteristics of significant metals utilised in the manufacture of Aluminium Composite Panels. In addition to shedding light on the features of ACP Sheets, we have also provided users with the ability to select the appropriate installation techniques for Aluminium Composite Panels.


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