Strategic Innovation is the crucial step for FMCG companies to sustain in the competitive market


Bringing innovation in consumables, cosmetics, and wearable products is a critical step, as the changing preferences of clients won’t let FMCG companies settle in terms of product development. However, the major hurdles manufacturing & processing firms face while improving these FMCG products—particularly packaged foods, skincare, and oral care items—are stringent government regulations and higher safety standards. Hence, enterprises willing to innovate, upgrade their respective products, or develop new & effective formulations must understand the competitive landscape and if that invention significantly impacts customers. IEBS offers novel & pragmatic solutions around Business Intelligence and delivers key insights related to all such challenges.

In addition, FMCG companies should equally focus on developing, adopting, and securing new & efficient production, processing, and storage technologies to pace up their production & supply chains and gain a competitive advantage among the firms at a geographical level. Through in-depth research and profound knowledge across various domains, our Ingenious experts offer Technology as well as IP Intelligence solutions to help clients precisely recognize, efficiently adopt, and commercialize the appropriate technology.

Our dedicated team of FMCG experts has vast knowledge & great experience around crucial topics, including food fortification, hair care, circular economy, oral care, skin care, flavors and fragrances.


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