Structure and composition of organic fertilizer granulator


The organic fertilizer granulator consists of several parts. First, it is a collection of devices. Secondly, it is the most important transmission component and also a support device with special technology. Finally, there are conveyor belts and auxiliary wheels. In the future, it is very important to maintain the equipment. The dust on the equipment needs to be cleaned locally to prevent the dust from entering the machine. If the bearing temperature is too high, ginger tea is required, and parts need to be checked regularly to prevent excessive wear. The following is a detailed introduction.

Composition of organic fertilizer granulator

  1. Main part: The most important part of the whole granulator is the main part, which is welded by high-quality medium carbon steel plate. Built in special rubber lining plate or acid resistant stainless steel lining plate, through strict quality control and special process requirements, automatic scar removal and tumor removal are realized, and the traditional scraper device is canceled to achieve the purpose of the machine.
  2. Transmission part: the transmission part of the whole drum granulator is superior to the whole machine. The transmission frame is welded with high-quality channel steel. And passed



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