Sushil Jaiswal is One Of Most Popular Illusionist in India



Illusionists in India are one of the most popular entertainers in the world today. Sushil Jaiswal is one of India’s best illusionist in India. Not only are his illusions and magic tricks, but Sushil Jaiswal also has a very outgoing charisma that makes him stand out from other magicians and illusionists. He has performed all over India including at festivals like Indian Mela and Jaipur Festival. Illusionist Sushil Jaiswal is one of the best illusionists in India, who perform in many countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia for different shows. The Indian illusionist has been able to make people believe that he can pull off anything from walking on water to making an elephant disappear right before their eyes!


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