Approaching Sustainability through Energy Harvesting in Electronic Devices


With the growing demand for daily electronic devices, various low-power techniques are emerging for operating devices without dependence on batteries. Researchers have figured out numerous ways to harvest electricity from surroundings and activate low-powered devices, such as IoT, sensors, actuators, etc. These emerging energy harvesting technologies can become the key to sustaining low-powered devices and reducing carbon emissions to fulling energy needs.

Energy Harvesting Techniques

Energy harvesting refers to harnessing insignificant amounts of ambient energy to power low-energy-consuming electronic devices. The earliest energy harvesting technique used a crystal-based radio receiver, where the power of the received radio signals is captured & converted into sound without the need for an external power supply.

Impact of Sustainable Energy Harvesting technology in creating a Sustainable Future:

The realization of carbon neutrality is to balance the transmission & absorption rate of ozone-depleting substances; to extensively use solar, wind, and other sustainable power sources; and to adopt diversified energy-saving measures to mitigate environmental issues. Nowadays, with the development of digital technologies utilizing Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and different innovations regarding energy measures, it is no misrepresentation to say that a change in perspective is in progress regarding the goal of energy and ecological issues.


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