SX Series Crossed Roller Bearing


Product Name: SX Series Crossed Roller Bearing

Company Name: Luoyang Heng Guan Bearing Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: Room1917, Block B, Yunfeng International, Jianxi district, Luoyang, China

Description: Crossed roller bearings are lightweight, compact bearings with thinnest possible inner and outer rings with high rigidity, because of its vertical arrangement of cylindrical rollers with a 90°V groove through the separate spacers in the deep groove rolling surface. This special design allows just one bearing to carry loads in all directions including radial, axial and moment loads.SX series (integral inner ring, split outer ring, ultra-thin), under the same shaft diameter, this type has a smaller sectional dimension than the RB series. Due to the ultra-thin design, the outer ring and inner ring have no mounting holes , It needs the flange and the support seat during installation, which is suitable for applications where the inner ring rotates.

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