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Description: Tapered roller bearingProduct introductionThe ability of single row taper roller bearing to bear axial load depends on the contact Angle, that is, the Angle of outer ring raceway, the greater the Angle, the greater the axial load capacity. Conical roller bearings in the amount of the most is a single row conical roller bearings. Small-sized double-row tapered roller bearings are used in the front wheel hub of the car. Four row taper roller bearings are used in large cold and hot rolling mills and other heavy machines.Product featuresTaper roller bearing type code is 30000, taper roller bearing for the separation type bearing. Under normal circumstances, especially in GB/ t307.1-94 "tolerance of radial bearing of rolling bearing" involved in the size range of taper roller bearing outer ring and inner components are 100% interchangeable.The Angle of the outer ring and the diameter of the outer raceway have been standardized as the dimensions of the outer ring. Changes are not allowed during design and manufacturing. So that the outer ring and inner component of the tapered roller bearing can be interchangeable worldwide.Tapered roller bearing is mainly used for bearing radial load mainly radial and axial combined load. Compared with angular contact ball bearing, the bearing capacity is large and the limit speed is low. Tapered roller bearings can withstand one direction of the axial load, can limit the axial displacement of the shaft or shell in one direction.Product useTapered roller bearings mainly bear radial – based combined radial and axial loads. Bearing bearing capacity depends on the raceway Angle of the outer ring. This kind of bearing is a separate type of bearing, according to the number of columns of the rolling body in the bearing can be divided into single row, double row and four row taper roller bearings. The clearance of single row tapered roller bearing shall be adjusted by the user during installation. The clearance of double-row and four-row tapered roller bearings has been given according to the user's requirements when the products are manufactured.Tapered roller bearings have tapered inner ring and outer ring raceways, with tapered rollers arranged in between. The projection lines of all conical surfaces meet at the same point on the bearing axis. This design makes tapered roller bearings particularly suitable for bearing composite (radial and axial) loads. Bearing axial load capacity is largely determined by contact Angle a; The greater the alpha Angle, the higher the axial load capacity. The Angle size is expressed by the calculated coefficient e; The larger the value of e, the larger the contact Angle, and the greater the applicability of bearing to bear axial load.Tapered roller bearings are usually detachable, that is, tapered inner ring assemblies with rollers and cage assemblies may be mounted separately from the tapered outer ring (outer ring).Tapered roller bearings are widely used in automobile, rolling mill, mining, metallurgy, plastic machinery and so on

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