Technical characteristics of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line


Characteristics of chicken manure organic fertilizer:

1、 Because of its short digestive tract, chicken manure contains a large amount of organic matter. Chicken manure is used as organic fertilizer, which has good fertilizer utilization rate and high nutritional value.

2、 In the process of chicken manure fermentation, adding straw and other carbon substances not only improves the permeability of organic fertilizer, but also increases the content of C, which is of great help to crop production and carbon cycle.

3、 Chicken manure organic fertilizer has risen rapidly to reach the nutritional level of organic fertilizer without adding foreign fungicides and nutrients.

Technological characteristics of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line:

(1) The process of small chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment consists of raw material pretreatment system, fermentation system and fertilizer processing system, which can be flexibly combined according to the treatment capacity:

(2) The fermentation system adopts forced ventilation dynamic fermentation to ensure the adaptive supply of oxygen during the fermentation process, maintain the high activity and efficiency of microorganisms, and the product quality is stable. The general period is 15 days, and the aging period is 20 days. Compared with the traditional composting



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