Techno Infonet – Web Outsourcing Company


 In today’s era, a perfectly structured website is crucial and undeniably essential for most of the business to succeed. Not many companies and especially entrepreneur have time to handle multiple projects at once. Here is where web outsourcing comes to the rescue where one company assigns work to another company and gets the desired results; considerable saving their time, energy and money.

As a web development company, We offer services such as :-

Our company’s culture is a small fusion of 45+ creative minds and passionate developers in their respective fields: business, design, and development. Serving in about 15+ countries across the globe including USA, UK, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc and have expanded our boundaries to PHP, CakePHP, PHPZend, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Open Source like WordPress, Joomla, AngularJS, HTML5, E-commerce, etc following the Agile Software Development Lifecycle. So far, we have done 1300+ promising projects that have helped us in creating expertise in developing CMS based apps, eCommerce/shopping cart websites, business/workflow-based apps, subscription-based apps etc.






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