Technological process of processing fertilizer in sheep manure organic fertilizer production line


Process flow of sheep manure organic fertilizer production line

  1. Mix sheep dung with proper amount of straw powder. The amount of mixing depends on the water content of sheep dung. Generally, 45% of the water content is required for fermentation, that is to say, knead it into a ball by hand, see water in the fingers, but do not drip, and release it to dissolve. Then add corn flour and bacteria. The role of corn flour is to increase sugar content for bacteria fermentation, so that multi-dimensional complex enzyme bacteria take advantage.
  2. Add the prepared mixture into the mixer for mixing. The mixing must be uniform, transparent and free of raw blocks.
  3. The mixed ingredients are stacked into strips with a width of 1.5 meters to 2 meters and a height of 0.8 meters to 1 meter, which are flipped once every 2 days with a tipping machine.
  4. The compost is heated for 2 days, odorless for 4 days, loose for 7 days, fragrant for 9 days, and composted for 10 days (that is, the temperature on the second day of composting can reach 60℃- 80 ℃, killing diseases and insect pests such as Escherichia



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