Technology and equipment of fertilizer production line using straw to process organic fertilizer

Process and equipment for processing commercial organic fertilizer using crop straw

(1) Production and processing of plant residues and refined organic fertilizer manufacturing process
Using plant residues to refine organic fertilizers is the simplest method for plant organic fertilizers manufacturing process. First, the plant residues are crushed into materials less than 3 cm with a semi-dry grinder, and then according to the nutritional requirements of fermenting microorganisms (generally inoculated with high temperature bacteria), a variety of plant residues are compounded into culture materials, inoculated with microorganisms, and passed through Auxiliary heating can produce a lot of heat within 4-5 days of fermentation, so that a large amount of water in the raw materials can be evaporated, quickly deodorized, quickly dehydrated, low energy consumption, low production cost and economic. However, this organic fertilizer has a low degree of fermentation and maturity, and once it is wet with water, it can easily cause rancidity or worms.
(2) Production and processing of bio-organic fertilizer after fermentation of plant residues
Bio-organic fertilizer refers to organic materials formed by specific functional micro-bovines (such as nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphate-solving bacteria, potassium-releasing bacteria, etc.) and harmlessly processed and decomposed animal and plant residues (such as



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