Technology of processing straw granulation with flat mold organic fertilizer granulator

Material processing of flat die organic fertilizer granulator machine.

The raw materials of the flat mold organic fertilizer granulator are mainly manure (chicken, duck, pig, cow, sheep manure, etc.) and straw (wheat, rice, corn, etc.). The raw materials are crushed and fermented, and then other nutrients are added for granulation.

Raw material fermentation before production of flat die granulator
Before the granulation of the flat mold granulator, the raw materials must be fermented and matured. Straw and feces are mixed, then piled and fermented to complete harmless treatment. Using a tossing machine and fermentation agent, the materials are fully exposed to oxygen to heat up, deodorize, decompose, rot, and use microbial coordination to improve fertilizer nutrients. Straw and fecal materials generally complete fermentation after about 15 days. After fermentation, use a sieving machine to remove debris.
Granulation production process of flat die organic fertilizer granulator
After sieving, the raw materials are evenly fed into a flat die granulator, and under the extrusion of the mold, cylindrical particles are extruded. The organic fertilizer granules after extrusion granulation have moderate hardness and neat shape. The particles enter the round tossing machine and rotate



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