The characteristics of the roller granulator in the npk fertilizer production line


With the development of environmental protection and organic agriculture, the use of organic waste to produce organic fertilizer production line through bio-fermentation has been rapidly developed. And the disposal of organic waste has become harmless and resource-oriented. However, most of the biofertilizer project fermentation are a coarse powder or irregular small pieces, which is inconvenient to use and is particularly disadvantageous for large-area machine broadcasting. In this case, a new type organic fertilizer granulator machine came into being. It is used to granulate various organic substances after fermentation, breaking through the conventional organic granulation process.

The subject of the invention is method of PK and NPK fertilizer production line by feeding to the granulation process superphosphate slurry, so-called MSP slurry, together with MAP slurry or instead of MAP slurry, in amount to 100% by weight of P2O5 contained in fertilizer. Total participation of MAP and MSP slurry amounts from 5 to 80 % by weight of fertilizer. MSP slurry is a suspension containing mixture of mono- and dicalcium phosphates and calcium sulphate in saturated solution by above salts above mentioned and free phosphoric acid. MSP superphosphate slurry is obtained


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