The chicken farm can build an organic fertilizer production line to increase income


hicken dung can be used as organic fertilizer in three ways: directly as organic fertilizer after drying, or as raw material for organic-inorganic compound fertilizer production. It can be fermented by compost, or it can be fermented by biogas and then mixed with other organic materials for compost fermentation, and then directly used as organic fertilizer or as raw materials for other organic fertilizers.

  1. The chicken manureorganic fertilizer equipmentdoes not contain any chemical components. Due to the poor digestion ability of the chicken, only 25% of the nutrient components can be consumed, while the other 75% of the nutrient components in the feed are discharged with the manure, so that the dry product contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acid, protein and other components.
  2. The main substance in chicken manure is organic matter, which increases the content of organic matter in soil. Organic matter can improve soil physical, chemical and biological properties, ripen the soil, and improve soil fertility. The proverbs of “the ground depends on dung, and the seedlings depend on dung” in rural areas of China, to a large extent, reflect the role of chicken manure in improving soil.
  3. Chicken manure


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