The correct selection method of organic fertilizer dumper, what kind of dumper is better


As a new green industry, the organic fertilizer dumper has gradually become known to people, and manufacturers have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. However, in the huge market, there are a wide range of types and quality of the dumper. What kind of dumper is better?

First of all, we should choose and purchase the turner according to the annual output of our organic fertilizer. Different models of the turner can be used by organic fertilizer manufacturers of different scales. Therefore, before purchasing, we should first understand the approximate annual output of our organic fertilizer, as well as the quantity of raw materials for production, water content and other basic issues. The more detailed we understand these issues, the more smoothly we can choose and purchase, and the purchased organic fertilizer turner equipment is more suitable for you.

Secondly, after understanding, it is necessary to understand the organic fertilizer turner. When purchasing a turner, you should first understand the types of turners. The current turners are mainly divided into slot type and self-propelled type. Because slot type turners need to manually build slots before operation, and because of the special structure of slot type turners, the oxygen supply is worse



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