The farm uses organic fertilizer production line to realize the reuse of straw


 As an inevitable product of agricultural production, crop straw is also a very valuable resource. A large number of crop straw is produced every year, but the utilization rate of straw is less than half. A large number of straws were burned on site, which not only caused serious environmental pollution and fire hazards, but also caused a huge waste of resources. Straw fertilizer production line solves the problem of waste reuse.

Straw organic fertilizer production line equipment:

1. Turning machine equipment

The trough tipper is suitable for the fermentation and stacking of livestock manure, domestic waste, biogas residue, biogas slurry, straw and other organic wastes. It is used in combination with the shift truck. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, strong durability and even turning, which can effectively mediate the fermentation problem of raw material pile.

2. Pulverizer equipment

Semi wet material crusher without screen, suitable for materials with certain humidity.

3. Horizontal mixer

The horizontal mixer has the advantages of high mixing degree and less residual quantity, which is characterized by fully mixing materials and using new rotor structure, which greatly reduces the residual materials.

4. Granulator equipment


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