The full servo paper towels packaging machine


Product Name: The full servo paper towels packaging machine

Company Name: Xiamen Gachn Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Add: NO.1010,Wuxian Road, Wuxian Town, Tongan District, Xiamen, Fujian Province,China

Description: Why choose GACHN1. Gachn is a joint stock company contributed to providing quality disposable facial tissue bagging machines and custom packaging solutions for customers.2.Gachn Technology has been used to package facial tissue brands both in China and internationally. 3.In After-sales, our company appoint technical personnel to the buyer’s factory for equipment operation, adjustment, and fault judgment repair training.4.With More than 20 years of designing and manufacturing experience in hygienic business,we can cooperate with the client to develop new machine design to meet the new products need, such as provide the resource and test stand etc.

Contact: Aaron Lee

Telphone: 86-0592-7770518

Fax: 86-0592-7770538

Email: [email protected]

Company Website:


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