The Ice Road, on Netflix, puts Liam Neeson behind the wheel


Yes, this tale of ice truckers racing with death is on the predictable side. Yes, some of the acting could be described as semi-professional. And yes, at one point Liam Neeson says the words, “Now I’m angry. It’s not about money now. This is personal.” Yet in terms of tension, effectiveness and Yorkie bar-munching entertainment, The Ice Road is rather good. This is a big, dumb, often gripping action movie The Ice Road.

It was inspired by the real-life drivers who guide wincingly heavy loads across frozen lakes where the ice is often as little as 75cm thick. Their terrifying profession was the focus of the reality series Ice Road Truckers. Neeson plays one such trucker, a hard-bitten Irish-American (such range!) called Mike. In the tradition



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