The pig farm selects the process equipment of the organic fertilizer production line according to the needs


We should all know that the organic fertilizer production line is specialized in producing organic fertilizer. Because it is specialized in the treatment of livestock and poultry manure, it effectively reduces the pollution of livestock and poultry manure to the environment, thus achieving the goal. Moreover, the organic fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer equipment can effectively regulate the soil, improve the quality and solve the problem of soil hardening. Through the organic fertilizer production line equipment, dung can be utilized as resources, which can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also improve the biological safety level of breeding enterprises, reduce the prevalence of livestock and poultry, and produce organic fertilizer, which can improve the quality and safety of agricultural products, generate clean energy, and achieve environmental protection. Let the rural economy embark on the fast track of “safety, environmental protection and green” development.



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