The process of making biological fertilizer by organic fertilizer production line


The process of making biological fertilizer by organic fertilizer production line

  1. The ground noodle pile, the ground dumper, or the fermentation tank to put materials, and the trough dumper.
  2. Evenly sprinkle the organic fertilizer starter, and turn over the pile for fermentation to reach the temperature rise, deodorization, maturity, and killing miscellaneous bacteria grass seeds.
  3. Fermentation lasts for 7-12 days, and the number of turns varies according to the temperature in different places.
  4. Completely ferment and decompose, and leave the pond (ground type is directly collected by forklift).

5 Use a grading screen to screen the coarse and fine (the screened powdered fertilizer can be sold directly).

6 Crush the screened large pieces with a pulverizer and return to the grading screen.

  1. For raw material mixing, the quantity of each raw material shall be added in strict accordance with the requirements of technical personnel, and various raw materials shall be added in the electronic belt scale or batching machine.

8 Crushed raw materials enter the aggregate belt conveyor, and then granulate with a granulator.

  1. It is fed into the livestock and poultry organic fertilizer dryer, which adopts



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