The role of organic fertilizer pulverizer in the treatment of poultry and livestock manure


The role of organic fertilizer pulverizer in the treatment of poultry and livestock manure

After several years of structural adjustment, the animal husbandry industry has become the main industry, and the production base based on pigs, poultry and meat cattle and sheep is being formed. At the same time, the ecological and environmental problems are also becoming more and more serious. Using livestock manure to produce bio-organic fertilizer can not only alleviate the shortage of fertilizer resources, improve soil fertility, improve crop quality and yield, but also achieve cleaner production and recycling of agricultural resources, and promote the healthy development of ecological agriculture construction. It has significant ecological and environmental benefits, social benefits and economic benefits.

The working principle of the organic fertilizer pulverizer: the material enters from the feed inlet and collides with the high-speed rotating shell in the organic fertilizer pulverizer shell. After the impact, the material is squeezed and broken, and then hit the inner wall of the shell and collides with the hammer head. In this way, during the process of falling, it will change into powder or particles less than 3mm after several impacts, and discharged from the lower screen



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