Things you Should Know about WPC Doors


WPC stands for wood polymer composite is an emerging material in the building material industry. It is a strenuous substitute for all conventional door materials that have been used in past decades. Wood polymer composite products come with a high-in-density composition that suits best for all types of applications and workability. It is a 100% eco-friendly product.  WPC doors are an alternative solution that is now being recommended by architects.

Things you should know about WPC Doors are their workability, application and what surface they need.

  1. Workability

           There is

  • By using a panel saw – A WPC door can be easily cut by using a panel saw with minimum effort and no hassles.
  • With the use of screws- screwing is highly preferred rather than nailing in WPC doors, it is very good for hinges as it is similar to that of how fixation is done in normal panel doors. On the WPC door, this process can be carried out in a simple way by using the chiseling method.
  • They are compatible with cylinders – WPC doors are compatible with all cylinder locks.

Routing on doors- If you choose always a dilemma in minds of new users of WPC doors whether the workability of



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