Tips for daily maintenance of fertilizer grinder

Common organic fertilizer grinders include: cage grinder, chain grinder, straw grinder and semi-wet material grinder, etc. Different grinders can be used in different production lines according to their own production characteristics, including npk production lineorganic fertilizer production process , bio organic fertilizer production and so on.
First of all, equipment maintenance needs to focus on the following aspects
1) Check whether the power supply, power socket, plug, and power cord are deoxygenated and broken.
2) Check whether the bearing is well lubricated, and use lubricating oil regularly for maintenance.
3) Check whether all fasteners are fastened, and deal with them in time if they are loose.
4) Check whether the transmission belt is installed correctly and in good condition. If the belt is damaged, it should be replaced in time. When there is oil on the belt or sheave, wipe it with a clean rag in time.
5) Check whether there are materials or other sundries in the damaged cavity, and remove them if necessary.
6) Check the sealing condition of the fan to prevent the sand from severely abrading the fan, causing the rivet heads of the impeller and hub to fall off, and fatigue cracks in the rivet holes.



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