Top 15 Best Bicycle Brands in the World


Switching to safe and secure alternatives is what the world needs desperately at the moment. In most low and middle-income cities, pollution has spread its venom in the air. To a great extent, pollution can be curtailed down with the help of bicycles, letting us breathe clean. Cycling resolves many issues in one go. It safeguards us from numerous health hazards.

Research suggests steady cycling burns 300 calories per hour. Therefore, the idea of riding to work is well perceived, as it is very time efficient (remember those tedious gym sessions). Governments are also encouraging people to cycle through various cycling campaigns.

This growing awareness regarding bicycles has certainly bolstered its market growth. In recent years, bike production had climbed to over 100 million per year. Be it the health consciousness or the adventurous aspect of riding a bicycle; people are intrigued by various kinds of cycles. The market is packed with numerous brands and their models. Picking the one meant for you might not be an easy task.



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