Top 7 ways Digital is Transforming the Healthcare Industry


In recent times, we have seen that the healthcare sector has been evolving at a rapid pace. All thanks to the introduction of digital healthcare. We have moved from the traditional paper model to the digital model of healthcare. A few examples of digital transformation are Telemedicine, medical devices backed with Artificial Intelligence technology, and Electronic Health records.

Top Digital Transformations in the Healthcare Industry

The digital transformation has reshaped how we interact with health professionals, how the EHR is shared with providers and the precision with which treatment plan is made and executed.

Let’s have a glimpse of the 7 top Digital Transformations:

Healthcare through Telemedicine

Digital Transformation

People carry their world with them on their mobile. 77% of people in the US use mobile phones, and more than 50% of internet searches happen through mobile. This is where Telemedicine helps. It provides on-demand healthcare solutions to the people. They can look for healthcare professionals, hospitals, and medical facilities and also book appointments through Telemedicine. With the current Covid-19 pandemic, people prefer online consultations with their doctors through Telemedicine. Even patients staying in remote areas can have easy access to top-class healthcare.




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