Top Proximity Marketing Tactics And Tools 2023


Top Proximity Marketing Tactics And Tools 2023


Following tech innovations, digital marketing has become vital for marketers. How does proximity marketing influence buyers and aid in purchase decisions? Proximity marketing is an instant and personalized solution that helps to engage consumers and understand their buying behavior which enables buyers to make purchasing decisions. Read on to know more about proximity marketing tactics & tools in 2023!


Why is proximity marketing important?


  • Business entities can easily target consumers by geo targeting feature
  • Increases engagement by just downloading mobile applications
  • Bluetooth/beacons help to pitch products through app notification
  • Proximity marketing allows a competitive advantage for marketers
  • Proximity marketing offers a personalized experience to consumers


What is Proximity marketing? – Proximity marketing is also known as hyper-local marketing. This marketing tactic helps consumers get notified of offers, coupons, and discounts allowed by certain stores or shops specifically designed for that particular individual. Personalized advertising is restricted to the specific local area based on the technologies like Bluetooth, beacon, WiFi, geofencing, near-field communications



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