Transformer Monitoring System Market Analysis, Key Players, Industry Segments and Forecast to 2022 – 2032


In 2022, the market for transformer monitoring systems is anticipated to be worth US$2,785.2 Mn. By the end of 2032, it is anticipated to have grown at a CAGR of 8.9%, placing a value of US$ 6,539.2 Mn.


Recent years have seen an increase in electricity consumption due to rapid urbanisation and increased industrial activity. As the world moves toward smart grids for more efficient power distribution, the demand for transformer monitoring systems is expected to rise over the forecast period. According to FMI, revenue from transformer monitoring systems will increase at a CAGR of 10.1 per cent between 2021 and 2031.


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The transformer monitoring system is a process-oriented system that measures quantities such as voltage and current, estimates measurement data using an algorithm, generates trends, and monitors models. During the assessment period, the introduction of internet of things (IoT)-based smart transformer technologies will boost the market growth.


Green transformers are gaining popularity due to their low carbon footprint and high efficiency and reliability. To monitor these new transformers retrofit installations are required. Increasing renewable energy penetration and rising sales of green transformers will accelerate the demand for retrofit transformer monitoring systems in upcoming years.


According to International Energy Agency, global electricity consumption reached



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