Treatment methods and advantages of manure organic fertilizer production line


Organic fertilizer fermentation equipment is widely used in organic fertilizer production, which can improve production efficiency and produce high-quality organic fertilizer. Before the production of organic fertilizer, manure should be treated to achieve the best effect.

Mode of manure treatment of organic fertilizer

1. Dry chicken manure mode

Its technological process is that chicken manure is directly through high temperature, heating, sterilization and drying, and finally dried chicken manure with water content of about 13% is sold directly as a product. Many manufacturers adopt this mode of production,
The advantages of this mode are: 1. Large production and fast speed; 2. Stable product quality and low moisture content.
But at the same time, there are also shortcomings: 1. The tail gas produced in the production process pollutes the environment. 2. The energy consumption in the production process is high, and the energy consumption per ton is about 200 yuan. 3. The quality of the product is not reliable because of its dry surface, bad smell and secondary fermentation after soaking in water. 4. The equipment investment is large and the utilization rate is not high. 5. The organic matter content in chicken manure is not up to the standard.




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