Use organic fertilizer production line to treat livestock manure and process organic fertilizer


In the aspect of livestock breeding, many farmers have built facilities for harmless treatment and resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure, taking the methods of returning manure to the field, producing biogas and producing organic fertilizer for resource utilization.

Livestock manure treatment technology can be divided into five categories. After being treated by fertilizer production line and then returned to agriculture, the safety and quality are guaranteed
1. Natural composting fermentation method: the livestock manure is stacked in the fermentation tank, covered with straw, after a long time of natural fermentation, and directly applied to the field in the fertilization season.
2. Air drying method: evenly spread livestock manure on the site, and use solar energy for natural drying. This method is suitable for the treatment of a small amount of livestock manure by livestock and poultry farmers, but not suitable for intensive livestock and poultry farms to deal with large and concentrated livestock and poultry manure.
3. Direct and rapid drying method: the high-temperature hot flue gas is used to directly dry and sterilize the livestock manure, and the moisture content of the product is controlled below the safe storage moisture.
4. Aerobic fermentation method:



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