Use the fertilizer production line to treat the feces produced in the farm innocuously


Before purchasing fertilizer equipment, first determine what purpose to prepare to produce organic fertilizer. According to the visit information received by our organic fertilizer production equipment manufacturers, the customers who need fertilizer production equipment are mainly the following.

Manure produced by farms using fertilizer production line needs to be treated innocuously to avoid environmental pollution caused by animal manure, thus affecting people’s health. Large scale farms purchase the equipment for harmless utilization of feces, that is, the relevant aerobic composting and fermentation equipment, to make primary organic fertilizer. Because it has not been deeply processed, it does not meet the standard of organic fertilizer, so it can only be used by itself or sold privately with fermented soil fertilizer.
The second situation is that industrialized processing plants process waste materials to make organic fertilizers. A full set of organic fertilizer production equipment treats farm manure, sludge from urban sewage plants, kitchen waste, food factory waste, farmland garden organic waste and other centralized treatment, which can protect our environment to the utmost extent and also Improve equipment utilization and plant utilization. The organic fertilizer granulator machine deeply processes the waste raw



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