Vaccum Aluminum Metallized Film Roll


Product Name: Vaccum Aluminum Metallized Film Roll

Company Name: Xianning huafu packing material co.,ltd

Address: No.26 Qigu road, Xianning high tech industries zone,Xianning,Hubei province,P.R.China 437000

Description: Application of vaccum aluminum metallized film roll:It is widely used in food packaging, tobacco industry packaging, composite, printing, self-adhesive labels, etc. Apply to each High-end tobacco and alcohol packaging, gift boxes and other gold and silver cardboard, etc., can be used for packaging milk powder, tea, medicine, food, etc. And trademarks, laser anti-counterfeiting materials.

Contact: lintang

Telphone: 86-0715-1234567

Fax: 86-0715-1234567

Email: [email protected]

Company Website:


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