Valet Trash Services


A recent national survey found that “full service apartment garbage disposal service is one of the most desired things consumers seek in their apartment building.” As an added benefit to your amenity package, full service garbage disposal sets you apart from the competition. Best of all, you get a second revenue stream and lower net operating expenses with Valet Works Valet Garbage apartment trash disposal service.
Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager
Conversions from a dumpster to a compactor
Valet Trash service can be implemented in a matter of minutes throughout your whole portfolio.
Keep Your Compactor and Windows Clean
There will be no dumpsters with an unappealing appearance or an unpleasant stench.
With no up-front costs.
start working at any time of year if necessary
Retention of existing tenants has improved.
High turnover costs may be reduced.
Increased selection of luxuries
It’s important to distinguish yourself from other properties.
Class A, B, and C properties’ tenants like valet garbage service.
decrease in overall expenditures of garbage disposal for the property
Options for service and price that meet your company strategy and budget
Allows for a simple multi-night pick-up
Management of Real Estate as a Career Goal


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