Ventilation and oxygen supply are the key factors for successful composting of organic fertilizer composters.


The oxygen consumption of compost is related to the content of organic matter in compost raw materials. The more organic carbon in compost materials, the greater the oxygen consumption. The suitable oxygen concentration of raw materials for chicken manure organic fertilizer production enterprises in the composting process is 18%. When the oxygen concentration is lower than 18%, the life activities of microorganisms in the good composting process are limited, which is easy to make the compost enter the anaerobic state and produce odor.

Many customers are concerned about whether the materials in the production of organic fertilizer will corrode the organic fertilizer peripheral equipment. If the material corrodes the machine, the service life of the turnover machine and equipment will be shortened, and the production cost of organic fertilizer will increase, which is not a cost-effective investment for enterprises.

However, the manufacturer of the organic fertilizer turnner clearly told everyone here that the production of organic fertilizer would not cause corrosion to the tipper. If it is not used for a long time, the equipment needs to be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise it will cause corrosion to the machine. This is because if the machine is not used for a long time, the



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