Vigorously promote green circular development of animal husbandry in rural areas


We will focus on major fruit and vegetable tea counties and animal husbandry counties to implement the action of replacing chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizers. Increase investment in the resource utilization of livestock and poultry breeding waste, support large-scale farms, third-party treatment enterprises, and social service organizations to build manure and organic fertilizer production line facilities, and actively promote the use of organic fertilizer.There are three ways that you can make a profit from your animal manure. First of all, you can sell the manure directly. There are many businesses that are likely in your area that may have a shortage of manure that they can convert into compost for this purpose. Second, you can produce compost from the manure which can also be sold. Third, you can buy an entire compost fertilizer plant and produce fertilizer granule that you can sell. Although the initial investment can be high, it will be more than profitable once you are producing fertilizer on a continual basis.

Npk fertilizer production line focuses on combining two or more different types of nutrients. These can be technologically advanced systems that use many different ingredients to produce compound fertilizers. The mixing process is



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