Vocal biomarker analysis


Vocal biomarker analysis provides the real potential for transforming diagnostics. Artificial intelligence (A.I.)-based speech analyses open up new possibilities in the healthcare field because some illnesses, such as those that affect the heart, lungs, vocal folds, or brain, can change a person’s voice. It is also possible to use biomarkers for COVID screening in addition to remote monitoring and diagnosis. 

So that diseases can be identified from the sound of a person’s voice. We at Minda’s focus on revolutionizing the healthcare industry through technology, as a result, we make software that can detect health issues through your voice. Minda’s vocal biomarker tech has the ability to analyze your health status in just 3 minutes. It works by analyzing emotional imbalances and how the brain controls the process of fighting neurological conditions leading to physiological dysfunctions with easy-to-read screening reports so that you surely know your health status.


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