Washable Small Area Rugs


No home is complete without floor coverings, but they can be a pain (and expensive!) to keep spotless. Washable Small Area Rugs have been growing in popularity thanks to their easy-to-clean nature that saves you the hassle of deep-cleaning with a carpet cleaner and the high cost of having them professionally cleaned. Whether your home has kids and pets or you like to entertain and host guests, a washable rug is a must-have for high-traffic areas or places where messes are unavoidable.

The fiber scientists in the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab researched dozens of Washable Small Area Rugs and reviewed them for factors like materials, design, cost, size offerings, and — most importantly — ease of cleaning. Our picks are all machine Washable Small Area Rugs and include a variety of materials (including natural and synthetic), price points, and bonus features (like skid-resistant backings), so there’s something for every room in your home.



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