Ways to resolve QuickBooks Desktop Error C=387


The error message ‘387 QuickBooks Pro Error’ often appears when there’s a problem with your register entries or ancient operations in the program code. In some cases, it can also pop up on top of system screens if you don’t have enough space for invoice models within QB computer language itself; however, this depends upon what type(s) these are and how much they account total towards QuickBooks Desktop Error C=387.

The first thing you need to do is produce an invoice. This will help fix C 387 error in QuickBooks, and it’s easy! 

You can choose between two models: Customer Choice or Invoice Model – whichever one works best for your business depends on how much information about each customer/item they want before buying from them (e..g quantity). 

Once that’s done press “OK,” go back into Quickbooks by clicking File menu then select Close & Return to Store.


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