We can also use NPK fertilizer granulator to further process it into high-quality compound fertilizer


Diammonium phosphate is a kind of quick acting fertilizer with high concentration, which is suitable for all kinds of crops and soils, especially for the crops that like ammonium and need phosphorus. It is suitable to be used as base fertilizer. If it is used as topdressing, it should be applied as early and deep as 10 cm before covering the soil. It should not be too close to the crops to avoid burning the crops. When it is used as seed fertilizer, it can not be directly contacted with the seed. Do not apply diammonium phosphate with water, otherwise most of the nitrogen in it will remain on the surface of the ground, and should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers such as plant ash and lime to prevent nitrogen volatilization and reduce the availability of phosphorus. We can also use NPK fertilizer granulator to further process it into high-quality compound fertilizer.



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