Wet granulation and its characteristics of double roller granulator


Non dry extrusion granulation technology and characteristics of double roller granulator the non dry extrusion granulation technology of twin roll extruding granulator is widely used in powder particle processing. It is characterized by direct treatment of particles without humidification or heating. It can be used for processing organic and inorganic fertilizer particles, as well as feed particles.

The non dry extrusion granulation process is adopted, so there is no waste water and waste gas emission in the production process, and the environment is not polluted. The extrusion granulation process is short, easy to operate, easy to realize automatic production control and improve production efficiency. There are no special requirements for the properties and particle size distribution of raw materials, so the sources of raw materials are relatively wide.

Five technological stages of double roller granulation process for organic and inorganic fertilizers

  1. Add qualified raw materials into the mixer according to the ratio requirements, and mix evenly.
  2. It is conveyed to the disc feeder and the metal substances in the material are removed during the conveying process.
  3. The materials in the disc feeder are uniformly fed into the extruding granulator, forcing the materials to be extruded



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