What Are Pillar Pages And How They Help In SEO Ranking?


The pillar pages are not just there to give direction to your website; there is much more to it. We will get into the details, but first, let’s address the direction aspect of the content pillar pages.

Usually, a website is a cluster of blog posts. As we explore the website’s topic, the content blurs some lines around the target subject. Creating a pillar page gives a central viewpoint to the content, like tree branches and roots.

From an SEO perspective, creating pillar pages is a great internal linking strategy. It can function as a directory, or as a page that connects the content cluster. Furthermore, the pillar pages are built around many topics that are compressed into one broader topic.

For instance, your website has several blogs about Facebook and Instagram marketing. You can interlink all the blogs to a “content pillar” page of digital marketing.

Click on the link to know more: https://www.truepush.com/blog/what-are-pillar-pages/


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