What are the advantages of granular and powdered organic fertilizers


Fertilizer granulation is the key processing technology of organic fertilizer production line, and the quality of granulation directly threatens the quality of the final fertilizer. The key of organic fertilizer comes from green animals and plants, which is the key to use carbon containing chemicals to express plant nutrition in the soil layer. According to the processing route of the organic fertilizer equipment production line, it removes harmful substances and contains a large number of beneficial chemicals. Why do organic fertilizers become granules in the production of organic fertilizers? What are the advantages of organic fertilizer and powder fertilizer?

  1. Grasping the particle size distribution of fertilizer is particularly important for the storage and transportation of fertilizer. It has good granulating property, and organic fertilizer is difficult to assemble, so it has good transportation characteristics.
  2. Low water soluble fertilizers will generally grind small particles to ensure that they are reasonably and rapidly melted in the soil layer and digested and absorbed by green plants.
  3. The granulation of fertilizer improves the production process of agriculture and animal husbandry. The fertilizer granules have the function of slow release fertilizer, which is convenient and not easy to



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