What are the commonly used organic fertilizer fermentation equipment

  1. Organic fertilizer fermentation tank

The organic fertilizer treatment in fermentation tank is applicable to the situation with strict environmental protection requirements and high fermentation time requirements. At present, the organic fertilizer treatment in fermentation tank can produce a batch of raw materials in 8 hours at the fastest. The fermentation tank can also be equipped with a deodorization system to perfectly solve the problem of environmental pollution, and it can be produced at any time without being affected by external temperature and environmental topography.

  1. Self-propelled tipping machine

The self-propelled tipping machine is divided into wheel type and crawler type. At present, the most used is crawler type tipping machine. It is characterized by large processing capacity and can be moved at will. It is suitable for the organic fertilizer tipping operation in the open field, and is suitable for the organic fertilizer processing plant that does not want to carry out a lot of civil engineering.

  1. Trough tipping machine

The trough-type tipping machine is stable in operation. It can change the troughs with one tipping machine. It can handle materials with multiple troughs. It has large production capacity and even tipping. It is adopted by most organic fertilizer processing plants.




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