What are the four stages of organic fertilizer composting fermentation?


 Compost is fermented by organic fertilizer production equipment, and the fermented fertilizer is processed by an organic fertilizer granulator machine, which is generally divided into aerobic composting and anaerobic composting.4 stages of compost fermentation through organic fertilizer equipment

1. Fever stage
In the early stage of organic fertilizer production, the microorganisms in the fertilizer are at medium temperature. The types with good air permeability are mainly non-spore bacteria, spore bacteria and mold. They start the fermentation process, decompose organic matter (such as simple sugars, starches, proteins, etc.) medium temperature stage.
2. High temperature stage
As the temperature rises, the thermomicrobial species gradually replace the mesophilic type, and the temperature continues to increase, generally reaching above 50°C within a few days, entering the high temperature stage.
3. Cooling stage
After the high temperature stage lasts for a period of time, most of the cellulose, hemicellulose, and pectin substances have been decomposed, leaving complex components (such as lignin) and newly formed humus, microbial activity weakens, and the temperature gradually drops. When the temperature drops to 40°C in this case, mesophilic microorganisms have become a dominant type. 



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