What are the most popular Lanyards in Ireland?


Lanyards are worn around the neck to hold keys, ID cards, whistles, and other small items. Nylon, polyester or woven material may be used to make lanyards, and each has a different feel. There are also various types of clips and buckles which can be attached to the end of the lanyard. Lanyards are also called sling ropes because they may be slung over one arm if the user needs both hands. There is a wide variety of lanyards available in Ireland, ranging from small plastic ones to large and wide woven ones, and at Ireland Lanyards we have the most popular types to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Having a lanyard around your neck can simplify several aspects of your life. People who prefer to snap pictures with their cell phones, such as taking a selfie or a photograph of a person in front of them or at their side, need to have these. They are an absolute must and will keep your camera or mobile phone safe and readily available.


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